SLB 700: Tested and approved by our team!

Christophe, a Buyer at Rapido Group, tested the SLB 700 with his family.

On the morning of Saturday 3 March, we started loading our bags into the Itineo SLB 700 for a family trip to take advantage of the final week of the school holidays. We had planned a journey that would take us as far as the Northern Alps. We actually wanted to spend three days in Vercors to try out winter sports with a motorhome. We are accustomed to winter motorhome trips but have never stayed at the foot of a ski slope before.

The rear bedroom was an instant hit with our two kids (our son Marceau is 11 years old and our daughter Lise-Marie is 9 years old). For the past three years, our motorhome trips have always made for great times. The kids took over the room, making themselves comfortable and sharing the storage without any squabbles. We were a bit scared that the brightly coloured carpet pieces would get dirty, but since we were there to test the product we decided not to protect them - and we were right! They proved easy to clean upon our return.

The garage held our skis and shoes along with a stock of water bottles, with room to spare. Our tip: store your water bottles in the garage near the interior hatch, so you can get them without having to go outside!
We left Mayenne mid-afternoon on Saturday without a fixed destination for that night. Our only goal was to follow the Levée de la Loire embankment between Angers and Langeais. The wraparound views offered by this type of vehicle are always a treat and let you enjoy the landscape.

We spent three nights in Touraine before heading toward Isère. We drove a good distance on the motorway at night so as not to spend too much time driving during the day. With cruise control set to 115km/h, fuel consumption was reasonable and the noise level was fine. The kilometres slipped by and the kids, in the rear seats, slept soundly with their pillows and blankets.

After a short stop in northern Isère to say hi to some friends, stock up on food and empty/refill the tanks, we were back on the road heading to the slopes at Lans en Vercors. This “day” ski resort (there is no accommodation at the foot of the slopes) has a motorhome service point (unfortunately closed due to frost, contrary to what the tourist office said) and large car parks with motorhome parking. We were the only ones there. It was wonderful to have this place all to ourselves! We made the most of it, taking night photos and admiring the starry skies.

During the day, we enjoyed the slopes. In the evenings, we welcomed the comfort of the large shower cubicle. In terms of heating, the system works in idle mode and we had no problem getting to 20°C. The outdoor temperature remained mild (-2/-3 °C). We consumed 1.5 bottles of gas during our stay. My R&D colleagues had asked me to take temperature readings in different parts of the living area. Mission accomplished! Now they can analyse the results.

The rear garage was really handy for storing shoes and skis, and freeing up more living space.
Late Saturday afternoon, we started our return journey to Mayenne. Once again, we spent a good part of the night on the motorway, which was much less busy after the rush of the last returning holidaymakers.

The kids are keen for another motorhome skiing trip, and we parents are too!